Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Day is Coming........Whoopie!

     Valentines Day..........You know, at one time I was one of those guys that paid $50.00 for a 3 dollar vase from the Dollar General Store, stuffed with flowers that have been frozen solid in the mad rush to get enough bulk to the florists , who are ravenously stuffing , turning, cramming, and cutting......good enough, scratch a few words from some obscure book or movie, maybe even a song....Ummm Bop. The process of shipping insures that by the next morning all the petal will be reduces to a slightly sweet yet sickly smell. Their texture like that of the softest sued the 70's could find.  Of course by the end of the week they are in the trash covered by a Doritos bag and an empty Little Debbie box.
     What did I achieve? Sure the girl gets to hold them high , as if silently saying, "Look you bitches this is MY MAN and instead of buying the 5 Green Loricets it would take to fuck you , HE BOUGHT ME FLOWERS!!!"  This is no doubt a wonderful feeling. That victory soon fades , as unknown to you he got the flowers on his dads Visa, and still was had that cheerleader on top of Look Out Mountain, "Staring at the stars. " Apparently a penis repeatedly pushed in and out of a vagina helps..this theory is unproven and any young ladies who would like to run research on this topic please post in the comments ;) LOL Topic : Astrology LMFAO
     Say you go all out and finally get her a ring, not an engagement ring, hell to the no , but a small rock a promise ring. Made with real, fake, diamonds........what? what? what? Well how am I supposed to know the difference, a geologist I am not.But you keep telling yourself in you best inner big boy voice "IT'S STILL A REAL DIAMOND" Maybe she won't know the difference. Your hand trembles slightly as you hand her the ring which she opens, pulls out, and starts examining for makers marks, silver with white gold plating, cubic zarconion  <---- (wow this word was actually in spell check) And in the dog house you are, cheated by the back alley guy with 80's stereotypical "Guy in trenchcoat sellng stolen goods. "  His entire inner jacket rings and rattles with the chains and baubles his inner pockets held. Nervously  he showed you several rings all very large and colorful, granny rings I would call them. But this one , too your eyes, looked beautiful, and would only make the woman you love more beautiful than she already is. Instead you get an angry girlfriend, an empty wallet, and that horrible inner feeling when someone really pulls slick move on ya, when you really get fucked over right proper no lube in the house. It could almost make you puke. She storms off with her telescope case wrapped in a seat belt.
      And as far as "real diamonds" go , I think I speak for all of us when I say Blood Diamonds are terrible and it really needs to be stopped. Personally , I wouldn't buy a new real diamond.
     Whats wrong with dinner and a movie, I won't even go thru the drive thru we'd go in and set down haha Why not go south just take of driving in the Southernly direction....Take your tent, and sleeping bags and make camp under old bridges and shit because you where gonna do it on motorcycle with sidecar, that would be awesome, Just drive to the ocean and back together. Go to a concert, go watch a play, or listen to the most INSANE Geniuses ever at a UFO convention. To me spending time together, and making those memories that will last a life time, threw the slow rot that rips away all cognative function, and after death threw the stories we tell our kids and grandkids. Its not all about money, or THINGS, its about love, and if you don't have the true, faithful, fantastically complicated and aggravatingly wonderfully thing we call LOVE.....your lost.
     I am gonna try something different this time. A lot of you have heard me bitch and moan about having to type words I have already written once. SOOOOOO thanks to my Christmas gift, an awesome Fuji cam, thanks mom) I am gonna take pictures of the written journal page , which means you get a glimpse inside my creative process, which includes lots of doodles, arrows pointing this way and that, mistakes, and complete failures in both  grammar and spelling. But look close, no closer, CLOSER !...too close o a little back, perfect. Do you see it now, thats my heart and soul, its in each and every one of these. To the few that will actually read, and appreciate these , as I always I thank you so much, Without your continued interest I would have already given up on this blog, but thanks to you my confidence as a writer has grown profoundly. A special thanks to Jamie and Jonie my kin, who both have asked on more than one occasion when I am gonna post more, and Jamie has been helping me find some of the jewels in my bulk of papers filled with poetry, lyrics, ficion, essays, random thoughts and doodles, ideas that I could never achieve and achievable ideas I'm just to lethargic to even attempt. And thanks to Brittany Patrick for being the rock that held me up threw the last couple months that have been sooooo bad. No better friend have I ever had, I will I ever have. I am just posting one right now but I plan on posting one a day in the month of February, a love poem a day.  Thank you everyone, please, LIKE SHARE AND COMMENT BELOW!, love you guys , stay groovy!