Sunday, September 18, 2016

Do You Feel Like I Do????

As we draw closer to the election, a few things I have to say openly come to my mind, and they make me sad. I AM a liberal, I AM a Democrat, and I have Socialist leanings. The good thing about 2016 is that a person can say the words Democratic Socialist and not be called a Communist, and targeted by everyone from the CIA to the local Sheriff as a Red Commi Bastard!
At least the world has grown enough to realize there is a difference in all these political systems.
What came to me, and made me sad this evening is the thought that, while I am a Democrat and I hope Hillary wins, it is not because I love Hilldawg, she's not Bernie Sanders, who I would back with all my heart. Right now I am more passionately AGAINST TRUMP, than I am for Hillary. Does that make sense to anyone. Hillary is fine, she's most certainly not my first pick, BUT compared to TRUMP, she is JFK, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, and Bill CLinton all rolled into one awesome presidential beast!
Its not that she is great, its that he is sooooo fucking horrible. I mean the man quoted Mussolini! Not exactly the kind of person you want to back as a leader of the free world. I will admit this however, the first time I ever heard the quote I heard it from Jimmy Page, and the quote is not a bad quote...... however POLITICALLY and said in a political meeting, the history of the quote outweighs the words themselves. The quot was something like " I'd rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb." Which coming from Jimmy Page in his Aleister Crowley phase during the 70's, it is fine.... He was probably on acid and people knew that, all he had to do in l;ife was make music, so quote whoever teh fuck you want just record Stairway To Heaven and have another hit.
It's all about context. Said by a musician in a drug haze while creating art in his home, those words are just inspiration for the art. However used in a political context, on a stage, as a candidate for the person who controls the entire USA those words have a completely different meaning.

Heres the problem..... While Trump says things that are truly terrifying as a liberal, my passion is focused AGAINST HIM and not FOR HER, however she gets my vote as part of the being SO PASSIONATELY AGAINST TRUMP!.... I wish she would say something tat blew me away, that made me love her the way we loved her husband. I was born in 82 and the two best presidents we have had are Clinton and Obama. As soon as the reigns get handed to a Republican the same thing happens each time. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and war is always on the table for some country. Not because we really need top, but because war s big business, and everyone is getting their share.
When Hillary gets in there she is gonna have a hell of a job.... She has to deal with both Russia and North Korea, BOTH OF WHICH HAVE COME OUT IN SUPPORT OF TRUMP!.... wonder why??? Its simple... MONEY.... they know Trump is not going to be worried about rights, liberty, genocides, land grabs, its all a deal to him.
Life is not a business deal.

I'm really in a weird place right now, but no matter what happens in the election, I love everyone, and if Trump wins and I do move to Canada, I will document the move on here with pics and video. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT live in a country that is stupid nough to actually vote that creature called Trump in top the most powerful office in the world.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm Back.....

I am a manic depressive.... with all the stigmas and hell o iving that comes with it....... I don't talk about it to strangers much but i am going to make a video and open up more in depth soon

Sometimes I shut down, sometimes the mere thought of answering a phone is panic inducing. And the scariest part is ..... I just don't know why. I know I'm manic and that's why I am afraid but what is there to be afraid of.. A video will follow son as ai get a space made to shot against.