Thursday, August 14, 2014

PROJECT SALVAGED WINDOWS! Spread the word, and mess with MICROSOFT!

 This is a repost from my facebook with my address added at bottom. Please read if you have ever had to deal with the giant turd in the bunchbowl of life that is Microsoft.

Anybody that read my comments earlier on Facebook,  knows I AM EXTREMELY pissed at Microsoft and their greedy high handed tactics to ensure they HORDE! as much money as possible from every PC made............... I know I can't hurt their wallet, or their name................. but I have thought of something on a grass roots level I am going to add onto my blog in the coming week I am calling Project Salvaged Windows..... The idea is simple, a lot of people have old Windows XP, Vista, and all iterations of Windows disks along with the obsolete, or broken computers which they came installed on. Many of those computers came with the CD Key for the Windows disk as either a sticker on the computer tower, or on the envelope the CD/DVD came in. If you have one of these old disks and the alphanumeric key to unlock it, please send it to me, as I plan to collect, and redistribute these old disks and keys to people who may need them for one reason or another. Since their (Microsofts), argument was that since I wanted to install my legal copy onto more than one computer, even though it was my own copy, and the computer was a piece of junk I was able to cobble together enough for my 7 year old daughter to learn Windows basics, internet safety, and it provided her with a way to speak to her mother who lives in Ohio, to Microsoft........that was piracy. Even though I was not selling the OS, the computer, making money with the computer, or installing one legally purchased copy to a room full of my secret minions (haha but that's how Microsoft can be.... over the top to the point of hilariously greedy as a 90's Mike Myers movie villain.)   
     Thats where Project Salvaged Windows comes in. Well these disks are coming from computers which are no longer functional, and just like they are idiots for thinking they can stop the reselling of games, we will show them that they can not stop someone who wishes to gift their license over to another individual, so that they may get some use out of what Microsoft internally considers useless junk and a barrier to people who may have to buy the newest pile of garbage they wrapped in a nice clouds and rainbow colored box. 
     Will it hurt them, probably not much, but considering the abysmal sales of Windows 8, if we can stop even a small amount of people from buying the over priced piece of bloatware that the newest Win. OS has became, then I think we have done something good for the planet by reusing instead of trashing, and we have helped each other , and anyone involved in Project Salvaged Windows to keep a few less dollars from their pocket, and a good chunk of change in our own. PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND I WILL PASS THE ADDRESS TO WHICH ANYONE WHO WISHES TO CAN SEND THEIR CD AND KEY CODE TO THE ADDRESS AT THE END OF THIS MESSAGE. 

     And before anyone starts to worry and think I'm crazy............ no, I am just pissed that I couldn't even put a copy of a program I OWN, onto a computer I OWN, for my daughter..............who cried because she so looked forward to having her own working comp. I will never, buy a Microsoft product off the shelf ever again. And I beg with anyone else who is on the fence to find other avenues to buy what you need, without lining the pockets of a company who has more many than God.


Michael R. Wallen
P.O. Box 176
Leburn, Ky 41831     
     Together, we may not make a dent, but if we can get this out there, and let enough people know, we can make a few people mad, or possibly appear foolish in the eyes of those who just never took the time to look before. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lifes To Short

     I wonder if anyone would even care if I made mine shorter.............. I'm just so tired of struggling, of being let down, of being taken advantage of, or of showing others care, love, compassion, and sacrifice on my own behalf to help people who consider anything that would require effort on their part as just too much to do. I've been let down by the ones I love, betrayed and even physically attacked by people I have trusted, and all around gotten my ass kicked by God since birth. Before people get the wrong impression and try to have me committed, NO I am not attempting suicide. At least not in the physical since. However the old me is on death row. It has to be. He's too weak and empathetic, too caring of others and selfless. Michael is being cancelled. Stay tuned for further programming.
     Expect more posts, with a possible different vibe. To those who care, REALLY care...... I thank you, for everyone else, OH WELL!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mind Parachutes Part 1


     The wonderful, wild, world, of the web can be many many things, The two it is the most seam to be fascinating, and confusing, and sometimes in widely unequal parts. I watch so many Youtube videos of lectures given by researchers and authors ranging from the completely cracked and easily debunked by a first year archeology, history, science, or theology student. Not to say they aren't interesting to say the very least, and many of even the most outlandish have sprinkles of truth, and partial truths mixed in that can add a crucial piece to another puzzle one may be pondering.
     I love history, science in almost all its disciplines, theology and mythology, alternative and hidden history, which I truly believe much of has been hidden and repressed by such organizations as the Smithsonian and as a quick example their complete collecting, and hiding of the giant skeletons said to have been found all over America throughout its early histories and well up into the early to mid 1900's.
    To add to the problem of too much information in the form of modern conspiracy theory videos, documentaries, and sites devoted to this topic, or that topic,, and all regurgitating basically the same information over and over again. What I am trying to do, and will continue to add in future posts, are sites where you can download, or view online large amount of data that may be somewhat hard to find at a modern library.
     IN NO WAY am I saying all of these information sources are 100% reliable. I can say with certainty that they all provide some very very interesting and engaging materials. Some may be Youtube channels, others online databases full of out of print and hard to find books in text format. With the decline ine reliable photographic evidence because if the digital age we live in, I will probably not focus very much on anything visually oriented unless I find the sites reputation unusually reputable.
     I will try and give a short description of the site and its contents for each entry in this list which I hope to expand over time so that almost any topic one wants to find information on there is SOMETHING on TCY to help in your journey of discovery.

1. The Internet Sacred Text Archive : One of my new favorite sites! Over 350 different books in .txt format for ease of use. The books range from the classic of UFO culture Flying Saucers Are Real, to religious classics such as Foxe's Book of Martyrs. The Mahabharata, TONS of public domain, HARD TO FIND (many long out of print with copies going for big money to collectors) books on everything from the occult, Masonic secrets, UFO's., any theological, or esoteric subject, I assure you , you will find tons of information at your fingertips. While the files aren't large, being simple .txt files. The only download I can see is that the download is simply labelled with the titles initials. Which requires opening the file, copy, and pasting the proper title spelling and renaming each file. STILL the wealth of information makes it worth the trouble. A few broken links but of the 20 or so files I have downloaded I may have found 2 broken links. Sacred Text Archive HOMEPAGE STRAIGHT TO THE DOWNLOADS!

2. Where Did The Road Go Radio  : What to say about WDTRG?.... While I don't always agree with their point of view, how many people in this world do we ever fully 100% of the time agree with? What I do agree with is their wide variety of guests, on many many different topics and view points, sometimes directly opposite the hosts own. The conversation stays lively, but never goofy, or jokey to the point that your not being informed on the topic of the day. I very much enjoyed the Aleister Crowley historian interviews which helped show some of the other, oft forgotten facets of a very interesting and outlandishly mysterious man. YOUTUBE PAGE :

3. Joseph Farrell  : This is Josephs Youtube channel featuring his frequently updated show, New and view from the Nefarium. Josephs book credits are many, all very well researched, with many sources sited, always a plus. He specializes is Nazism, its secret survival and deep influence on our current state of affairs, as well as the geopolitical game being played out between the European Nations, North America, whatever else Henry Kissinger is plotting up ;) First check out his YOUTUBE PAGE :  Next check out one of his most interesting lectures. Most certainly not your typical UFO Conference presentation, as Joseph starts letting his timeline and data build, and the pieces which had to have painstakingly pieced together over much research in documents. Often hidden, almost all in German, or even Russian. But by the end of his presentation he may just have you second guessing your notions of technology which may right now............... be gathering dust in some dusty corner of a burried bunker along side all other technology deemed to disruptive to the status quote for public consumption. But may someday be useful  in building weapons of war. Check it out. Very historically informative. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - The Nazi International IUFOC 2009 Part 1 :
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - The Nazi International IUFOC 2009 Part 2 :  I admit again, I don't believe everything ANYBODY says....... HOWEVER , further research of my own has proven that much of his information is factually, and historically correct. Hope to pick up some of his books some day if I can ever get out to a REAL book store.......... Kinda hard when you never leave the house taking care of family responsibilities. Maybe even some day get to watch Joseph live and get an autograph. But nody ever speaks in Eastern Ky....... I wonder wehat he would cost to get to speak at Alice Loyd. 

4. VerseByVerseBT :  this Youtube Channel could cause me a lot of trouble for posting. The guy definitely has a Christian stance in videos which deal with Christian and religious controversies. Apparently he was a devoted follower of the Sitchen "scam"........... LET'S FACE IT AS A GROUP SITCHEN WAS A SCAM ARTIST WITH A GREAT IMAGINATION. Ahhhhh don't you feel better now. Thats not to say his general theory isn't a possibility. Many other cultures have similar story of such things as heavenly bodies mating with mortal women, or the great flood (my view of which can be seen on my second video) But fact remains, TRUE ANCIENT LINGUISTS such as the brilliant Michael Heiser, have not only done the research to prove that Sitchen was a base novice at best , and a true fraud at worst in his ability to decrypt the ancient Sumerian Texts which where the foundation of his theory. Heiser had a truly revelation when re realized................. "HEY! All these texts are now online thanks to some dedicated archeologist and college teams. AND they aren't just translated, they can be searched for any and all appearances of a searched words or texts....." So he did just that. Finding that Sitchen truly had duped a public that , until the age of free knowledge over the web, faced an almost impossible task of learning, and finding these texts on their own...............short of earning a Dr. . Michael Heiser has just that, and MANY of his videos are featured, especially during the 3 hour plus "Ancient Aliens : Debunked" A documentary that while not refuting the meta, the spiritual, and religious, they do tackle with a fair amount of the physical evidence. Evidence held as cornerstones of the ancient astronauts theory. The main host, and his oft guest Heisergo about as in depth and scholarly in their debunkings as anyone could. But surprisingly, never denying their own belief , openness to UFO's and EBENS. Anyway, it may have been a long introduction but cutting out some of the more "Christiany Pieces" and you have a great set of videos. Here you go. YOUTUBE HOMEPAGE : Be sure to check out the links to Michael Heisers personal pages. Full of 100% Pure Pharma Grade KNOWLEDGE. 

5. Vice Magazine :  The last of this weeks sites with truth, news, and a complete brutal, uncompromising eye on the world. Be angered, shocked, depressed, giggly, horny, ever emotional both internal and spiritual, or physical and primal. ENJOY VICE HOMEPAGE :

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A TASTE of whats to come...... Welcome to Crazytown.

     Another video........ I know what your thinking, wow, that was a quick follow up. I PLAN (and we all know how WONDERFUL my plans usually work out) to post on a more frequent basis, and do a lot more videos. Just tell me what you want to talk about  and I'll talk about it. I would love friends to get together and talk and post videos of us just talking, debating, picking, fighting, laughing, or crying. The only thing that is a constant is I WANT TRUTH. I want people to see who we are when we let our guards down and really talk to one another, weather it be a spouse, close friend, family , whoever, the human condition is covered up way to much. So here's a look into the mind of a guy with "issues" a guy who gets UBER pissed because when people see you as crazy they automatically think your stupid. And the only thing I could ever be vain about is that I do not think I am stupid. Can I do calculus? Nope..... Could I sequence a genome? Nope.... BUT I can read, and I can process information and form an informed opinion on whatever the subject may be. We live in an area often stereotyped, and when your from this area, AND have "issues" , your basically FUCKED lol But yeah enjoy the madness..... I do.

     As always, like, hate, comment , I would love to hear your thoughts . I'm sure they will be quite interesting lol Please share with anyone you think is interested in these topics. I am working on a list of useful, good links about all these subjects with a real focus on trying to find FACTUAL information sources. Thanks ya'll.

Figured I'd start doing video posts as well.....

Heres a clip of me just sitting around being me....... I sing a LOT just by myself........ it helps the deppression I think and if you like it at all please comment if you don't ohhh well comment how hard it sucks I don't care..... as long as you comment at least you watched it.