Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Various Poems from the last 13 or So Years.......

     This is going to be just what the title says. A bunch of different stuff from the last 13-15 years. I would like to thank my friend Brittany Patrick's lil sis Kita for doing what I am too lazy to do.....type all these up :) Thanks Kita. And a big thanks to Britt for going threw some of my journals and picking a few out for me.  Some of these are poems, some songs in various genres mainly old school fast hard goofy shocking and stupid fun punk. Anyway I hope you enjoy at least a few of them. Thanks for reading and please comment, like, share, scream it from the rooftops about The Concrete Year.

My Last Words (To You My Love)

If I gave you a gun would you shoot me
because I truly want to die.
I don’t want to live this life
I am worthless why should I lie?

My anger makes me useless
my hatred makes me tired.
Im a sniper and I just stepped into
my own line of fire.

Why cant I pull the trigger
I want this pain to end.
I want to sleep forever
and repent for all my sins

Everyone I love
I’ve hurt time and time again.
My lifes a disappointment
that’s the way it’s always been

So stab me in my heart
as you look into my eyes.
You’ve never looked so beautiful
my last words are not a lie.

It’s All Over (Forgive Me)

Dreaming of the living dead
chasing me down
Trying to munch my head
I try to hide
But they’re coming closer
I try to hide
Then the door flies open
I feel the teeth sink into
My skull
and I know I’ll never
Be full
the hunger will consume me
The feedings will go right
threw me
I stumble from place to place
looking for the warmth
The living breath
when I lock you in my sight
I'm gonna rip right
threw your chest
You feel my teeth sink in your skull
and you know
Your never gonna be full
the hunger will consume you
And the feedings will
go right threw you

Bad Time To Be Born Rag
Soil and blood, blood and soil
it will be mine I can take it
Soil and blood, blood and soil
mine mine for the taking
12 1234

Freedom, no place in the world today
the land of opportunity but opportunity's gone away
We have no leader with that texan runnin’ thing
I’d rather have a chief that wants a blow
Than one that can’t blow his nose

What happened, I was born in the wrong time
born 1950 I’d have marched in 69
But the fight has all gone out of everyone
nothing will work if it didn’t in Vietnam

They showed ‘em no matter what you do they win
you cant fight the system it’s like trying to fight aids.
You can hold off just as long as you can
but in the end they always win

The American dream woke up and it can’t get
back to sleep a country of insomniacs
And we’re lead by all the weak
caring for their money caring for their oil
What they don’t know is they killed our
countries soul.

Guess What (I Love You Not)
She was such a faker
and a d*** good liar too.
Made me believe she loved
just to gain a little trust
I never saw threw her fasade
til’ it was way to late
She had tore my heart in two
Why did you lay with me
why were you my puzzle piece
Why did you take all the love I had to give
and throw it in my face
I treated you the best I could
but it wasn’t good enough
So guess what
I love you not
So guess what
I love you not
Now I’ll admit I am pretty stupid
for falling for your lies,
For hanging on every word
when the words you would whisper
Now causing open sores!
you’ll never realize the love you lost
You’ll never even care
but know this
You’ll never have the chance again
maybe next time will be better
It cant be worst than the last
maybe next time it’ll be the one
I’ll start a family with
maybe next time she will love me
Just like she says she does
maybe next time will be different
Maybe next time wont leave scars
maybe next time I’ll find the love of my life
And I’ll all be different
maybe next time she will love me for who I am
Maybe next time it won’t be so hard
I sure hope not
I cant take it, not one more time