Monday, June 9, 2014

Lifes To Short

     I wonder if anyone would even care if I made mine shorter.............. I'm just so tired of struggling, of being let down, of being taken advantage of, or of showing others care, love, compassion, and sacrifice on my own behalf to help people who consider anything that would require effort on their part as just too much to do. I've been let down by the ones I love, betrayed and even physically attacked by people I have trusted, and all around gotten my ass kicked by God since birth. Before people get the wrong impression and try to have me committed, NO I am not attempting suicide. At least not in the physical since. However the old me is on death row. It has to be. He's too weak and empathetic, too caring of others and selfless. Michael is being cancelled. Stay tuned for further programming.
     Expect more posts, with a possible different vibe. To those who care, REALLY care...... I thank you, for everyone else, OH WELL!