Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NEW FICTION! The Witch Hunter!

This is just the start of what I hope can lead to a well constructed long story with a deep world, and deep characters. It is AN EXTREMELY ROUGH DRAFT! I have not even spell checked or looked it over at all for grammar, which i admit, is not my strong suit. So please just read this sample page, and give me some feedback if you think it could lead into a good story, or is it just trash, not fit for a 30's pulp magazine. Have fun and please write me on here, or on facebook, and tell me what you think. All feedback is appreciated and listened to seriously.

"She is not a witch." The Hunter said as he walked out of the door which lead to the basement that the "witch" was being held in.
"But she has the devils mark! She confessed!" Gurik shouted, following close behind Markus The Hunter.
"She has a mole and I'm certain she may be a cranky and apparently tough old bitch if she lasted as long as you say during your , interrogations. But after days of torture people will say anything. Everyone has a breaking point, all you did is find that poor old woman's. You sir, " Marcus turned quickly his cap whipping around and nearly slapping Gurik in the face. He looked down on the short Gurik. "You, are no witch hunter, you are either a fool, or depraved and enjoy hurting the defenseless. If I had the authority I would drag you to the gallows and not that one legged old woman that because of her cantancurus attitude, has been put threw hell. Or is it the money? Is that why you tortured a old woman for days? Because ," He stepped forward backing Gurik as his anger grew, "That is something I can I can take you in front of the Marquis for? I tell you this, you will either release that woman, and you, no other will pay her the reward you would have gotten if she had been a true witch. If you do not do this, and from this day forward treat that woman as an honored member of the community, I will come back here, and I will either press for the Marquis to throw you in Statehell prison in a cell so deep you will never see sunlight again, or, " He slowed his speech and said every word as if it where scripture "Or, I will, come back here, and I will see what your breaking point is, and remember this, I have the Kings privilege to do what you did not. You won't last a day. "
Gurik by this time was shaking all over, scared and humiliated, he was the town Magistrate after all and was given due respect by all. However the Hunter, was by the Kings decree, above all law in his search for the Howling Coven. Gurik knew that Amy , the 64 year old, one legged, widow and by all accounts a cranky old woman , was not a true witch and the towns leaders had all decided to get her to confess and take care of her as a problem in the community and put some gold in their pockets in the mean time. Now he would have to go to the other village leaders to put together the 500 gold that he had to pay the wretched Amy. Guriks life just went from fairly good, to really bad in less than 5 minutes. How did the Hunter know? How did he know she wasn't a witch after just a few minutes of watching her and only asking her two questions? Questions Gurik couldn't even hear as the Hunter had whispered them in Amy's ear.
Marcus was furious, another false lead and another woman beaten, sleep deprived, stripped and shaved by a bunch of other women who hated her anyway and enjoyed every minute of "looking" for the Devils Mark. If only he could tell them what he knows, and how he knows it, would they even believe him? Or would they decide he was a witch as well?

I hope you enjoyed it, I got the idea after watching a great series on netflix called Witches: A century Of Murder. I suggest it if you like documentaries as much as me, and if you like the slightly weirder things in life as much as me. It is a very intense show for what it is, and you really get a feel for what these poor women went threw. Anyway I am signing out, peace, love, happiness, forgiveness.... ANd yes I will do it all the way till the election, so please if you are a Republican, and you are thinking of voting for Trump, please please, look up the truth on the man, HILLARY IS CERTAINLY NOT PERFECT BUT SHE AT LEAST KNOWS HOW TO BE A POLITICIAN! This is what I don't think people get about the possibility of a Trump win.... the man can't even run his businesses without getting taken to court hundreds of times, filing for bankruptcy several times, and who has the demeanor of LBJ on METH! And remember what happened when a cunning businessman who has the manners of a pig last got in the white house..... We ended up in the Vietnam war and became a country divided. AND THAT MAN KNEW HOW TO BE A POLITICIAN!.... Now imagine someone with the demeanor of LBJ who doesn't know how to be a politician and what it takes to deal with other countries in a diplomatic way, who doesn't understand what he is doing, how he is doing it, he's a complete moron and does not know how to do this JOB! and we must remember, it is A JOB! Hillary does at least know how to deal with world leaders, how to stroke their egos when its needed or to be stern and straight forward when its the right time. Hillary is cunning, and smart, and while I don't agree with all of her policies, at least I agree with her continued existence. We can only hope Trump pops a blood vessel and falls over dead during a debate when he finally snaps and lets loose with the crazy fully turned on, instead of his horrible attempts to hide his crazy, stupid, uninformed and regressive views..... AHHH it just makes me almost manic when i write about it. Its one of those things that I don't know how I can SHOW YOU PEOPLE , that we are in a race where we HAVE to take the lesser of two evils. But the choice should be simple since one of the evils is stupid enough to to say the things and do the things Trump does and has done in the past. I mean if you believe his ex wife he had a botched hair transplant and because it was botched he came home and aped his wife very angrily for suggesting the plastic surgeon.
I just hope Canada our peaceful, semi socialist neighbors to the north will accept the mass of refuges, hoping for a home in any place not ran by Trump. Honestly, if he wins, I am trying to sell this property and my whole family will move up north and file for citizenship. This is a promise, because I REFUSE to live in a country that is stupid enough to elect that man, I put up with Bush TWICE, but I just can not handle Trump as our commander and chief. IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY TELL HIM WAR HELPS BUSINESS!!!!