Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NEW FICTION! The Witch Hunter!

This is just the start of what I hope can lead to a well constructed long story with a deep world, and deep characters. It is AN EXTREMELY ROUGH DRAFT! I have not even spell checked or looked it over at all for grammar, which i admit, is not my strong suit. So please just read this sample page, and give me some feedback if you think it could lead into a good story, or is it just trash, not fit for a 30's pulp magazine. Have fun and please write me on here, or on facebook, and tell me what you think. All feedback is appreciated and listened to seriously.

"She is not a witch." The Hunter said as he walked out of the door which lead to the basement that the "witch" was being held in.
"But she has the devils mark! She confessed!" Gurik shouted, following close behind Markus The Hunter.
"She has a mole and I'm certain she may be a cranky and apparently tough old bitch if she lasted as long as you say during your , interrogations. But after days of torture people will say anything. Everyone has a breaking point, all you did is find that poor old woman's. You sir, " Marcus turned quickly his cap whipping around and nearly slapping Gurik in the face. He looked down on the short Gurik. "You, are no witch hunter, you are either a fool, or depraved and enjoy hurting the defenseless. If I had the authority I would drag you to the gallows and not that one legged old woman that because of her cantancurus attitude, has been put threw hell. Or is it the money? Is that why you tortured a old woman for days? Because ," He stepped forward backing Gurik as his anger grew, "That is something I can I can take you in front of the Marquis for? I tell you this, you will either release that woman, and you, no other will pay her the reward you would have gotten if she had been a true witch. If you do not do this, and from this day forward treat that woman as an honored member of the community, I will come back here, and I will either press for the Marquis to throw you in Statehell prison in a cell so deep you will never see sunlight again, or, " He slowed his speech and said every word as if it where scripture "Or, I will, come back here, and I will see what your breaking point is, and remember this, I have the Kings privilege to do what you did not. You won't last a day. "
Gurik by this time was shaking all over, scared and humiliated, he was the town Magistrate after all and was given due respect by all. However the Hunter, was by the Kings decree, above all law in his search for the Howling Coven. Gurik knew that Amy , the 64 year old, one legged, widow and by all accounts a cranky old woman , was not a true witch and the towns leaders had all decided to get her to confess and take care of her as a problem in the community and put some gold in their pockets in the mean time. Now he would have to go to the other village leaders to put together the 500 gold that he had to pay the wretched Amy. Guriks life just went from fairly good, to really bad in less than 5 minutes. How did the Hunter know? How did he know she wasn't a witch after just a few minutes of watching her and only asking her two questions? Questions Gurik couldn't even hear as the Hunter had whispered them in Amy's ear.
Marcus was furious, another false lead and another woman beaten, sleep deprived, stripped and shaved by a bunch of other women who hated her anyway and enjoyed every minute of "looking" for the Devils Mark. If only he could tell them what he knows, and how he knows it, would they even believe him? Or would they decide he was a witch as well?

I hope you enjoyed it, I got the idea after watching a great series on netflix called Witches: A century Of Murder. I suggest it if you like documentaries as much as me, and if you like the slightly weirder things in life as much as me. It is a very intense show for what it is, and you really get a feel for what these poor women went threw. Anyway I am signing out, peace, love, happiness, forgiveness.... ANd yes I will do it all the way till the election, so please if you are a Republican, and you are thinking of voting for Trump, please please, look up the truth on the man, HILLARY IS CERTAINLY NOT PERFECT BUT SHE AT LEAST KNOWS HOW TO BE A POLITICIAN! This is what I don't think people get about the possibility of a Trump win.... the man can't even run his businesses without getting taken to court hundreds of times, filing for bankruptcy several times, and who has the demeanor of LBJ on METH! And remember what happened when a cunning businessman who has the manners of a pig last got in the white house..... We ended up in the Vietnam war and became a country divided. AND THAT MAN KNEW HOW TO BE A POLITICIAN!.... Now imagine someone with the demeanor of LBJ who doesn't know how to be a politician and what it takes to deal with other countries in a diplomatic way, who doesn't understand what he is doing, how he is doing it, he's a complete moron and does not know how to do this JOB! and we must remember, it is A JOB! Hillary does at least know how to deal with world leaders, how to stroke their egos when its needed or to be stern and straight forward when its the right time. Hillary is cunning, and smart, and while I don't agree with all of her policies, at least I agree with her continued existence. We can only hope Trump pops a blood vessel and falls over dead during a debate when he finally snaps and lets loose with the crazy fully turned on, instead of his horrible attempts to hide his crazy, stupid, uninformed and regressive views..... AHHH it just makes me almost manic when i write about it. Its one of those things that I don't know how I can SHOW YOU PEOPLE , that we are in a race where we HAVE to take the lesser of two evils. But the choice should be simple since one of the evils is stupid enough to to say the things and do the things Trump does and has done in the past. I mean if you believe his ex wife he had a botched hair transplant and because it was botched he came home and aped his wife very angrily for suggesting the plastic surgeon.
I just hope Canada our peaceful, semi socialist neighbors to the north will accept the mass of refuges, hoping for a home in any place not ran by Trump. Honestly, if he wins, I am trying to sell this property and my whole family will move up north and file for citizenship. This is a promise, because I REFUSE to live in a country that is stupid enough to elect that man, I put up with Bush TWICE, but I just can not handle Trump as our commander and chief. IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY TELL HIM WAR HELPS BUSINESS!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Do You Feel Like I Do????

As we draw closer to the election, a few things I have to say openly come to my mind, and they make me sad. I AM a liberal, I AM a Democrat, and I have Socialist leanings. The good thing about 2016 is that a person can say the words Democratic Socialist and not be called a Communist, and targeted by everyone from the CIA to the local Sheriff as a Red Commi Bastard!
At least the world has grown enough to realize there is a difference in all these political systems.
What came to me, and made me sad this evening is the thought that, while I am a Democrat and I hope Hillary wins, it is not because I love Hilldawg, she's not Bernie Sanders, who I would back with all my heart. Right now I am more passionately AGAINST TRUMP, than I am for Hillary. Does that make sense to anyone. Hillary is fine, she's most certainly not my first pick, BUT compared to TRUMP, she is JFK, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, and Bill CLinton all rolled into one awesome presidential beast!
Its not that she is great, its that he is sooooo fucking horrible. I mean the man quoted Mussolini! Not exactly the kind of person you want to back as a leader of the free world. I will admit this however, the first time I ever heard the quote I heard it from Jimmy Page, and the quote is not a bad quote...... however POLITICALLY and said in a political meeting, the history of the quote outweighs the words themselves. The quot was something like " I'd rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb." Which coming from Jimmy Page in his Aleister Crowley phase during the 70's, it is fine.... He was probably on acid and people knew that, all he had to do in l;ife was make music, so quote whoever teh fuck you want just record Stairway To Heaven and have another hit.
It's all about context. Said by a musician in a drug haze while creating art in his home, those words are just inspiration for the art. However used in a political context, on a stage, as a candidate for the person who controls the entire USA those words have a completely different meaning.

Heres the problem..... While Trump says things that are truly terrifying as a liberal, my passion is focused AGAINST HIM and not FOR HER, however she gets my vote as part of the being SO PASSIONATELY AGAINST TRUMP!.... I wish she would say something tat blew me away, that made me love her the way we loved her husband. I was born in 82 and the two best presidents we have had are Clinton and Obama. As soon as the reigns get handed to a Republican the same thing happens each time. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and war is always on the table for some country. Not because we really need top, but because war s big business, and everyone is getting their share.
When Hillary gets in there she is gonna have a hell of a job.... She has to deal with both Russia and North Korea, BOTH OF WHICH HAVE COME OUT IN SUPPORT OF TRUMP!.... wonder why??? Its simple... MONEY.... they know Trump is not going to be worried about rights, liberty, genocides, land grabs, its all a deal to him.
Life is not a business deal.

I'm really in a weird place right now, but no matter what happens in the election, I love everyone, and if Trump wins and I do move to Canada, I will document the move on here with pics and video. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT live in a country that is stupid nough to actually vote that creature called Trump in top the most powerful office in the world.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm Back.....

I am a manic depressive.... with all the stigmas and hell o iving that comes with it....... I don't talk about it to strangers much but i am going to make a video and open up more in depth soon

Sometimes I shut down, sometimes the mere thought of answering a phone is panic inducing. And the scariest part is ..... I just don't know why. I know I'm manic and that's why I am afraid but what is there to be afraid of.. A video will follow son as ai get a space made to shot against.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


What those of us with our eyes open see in a Trump Campaign poster. IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY FOR TRUMP, YOU EITHER DO NOT KNOW POLITICS AND HOW SERIOUS THIS COULD BE AND IN THAT CASE JUST VOTE HILLARY AT LEAST DEMOCRATS ARE RUNNING ON DECRIMINALIZATION OF POT! THOSE OF YOU WHO SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE YOU AGREE WITH HIS VIEWS ARE BIGOTED, SEXIST, FASCIST, IGNORANT PEOPLE. When will you learn DIFFERENT DOESN'T mean better. And before you start going off on Obama and how bad a job YOU THINK he has done..... besides the drones, and the policing of the people like you would police in almost a riot situation, however the numbers speak for themselves. Scroll down my pain page and eventually you will see a Bush ?Obama with statistics and the crucial numbers that bush obviously thought where symbols of the devil , and ran away crying in Cheneys lap..... hmm looks like that guy you hate for his race has done pretty damn good.
But a good man in a job, that lasts 8 years at most, is only allowed so much power. Those lifers in the system are the ones who really are doing these things we all hate. The police with helmets that looked like they came from the German side in ww2, or the carriers that make us think of old Terminator movies, where the cops where never the friends of the people.....
Gone are the days of sitting on the porch, eating a piece of water melon, now we don't even have chairs on the porch, to much of a chance they will get stole. and what happens if you call the cops, because its a nice set of chairs you paid a good bit for when you got your check a week ago from ,we'll say , nursing school .The cop is writing and then suddenly " Ohhh whats that smell, " and a thief goes free while you go to jail because they smell pot you may have smoked hours ago, after a day of saving peoples lives. You never smoked before or during work, only in the evening, and not every day, just whenever the stress of the day felt so strong the tears in your eyes couldn't be held back because of the things a nurse sees EVERY DAY. So whats better weed, or months, possibly a year or two, of going on and off dozens of meds till they find the right combination to make you a zombie.
Each pill having its own horrific side effect, some dangerous to you, your loved ones, even your patients, and no chemist can tell me they know what is made of the chemicals once they combine to make new compounds in someones stomach......... Marijuana needs to and will be legalized, and slowly we can take this country back....... Despair ....System....Despair

Hey we all have to start somewhere and at least being a Democrat is a great start, you can work on being as off the wall liberal as me later.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Words of Misto.... Words, Just words....

This post was sent to me by a rather mysterious friend of mine on Facebook . They didn't exactly ask me to post it as much as tell me to post it.... and I felt compelled to.... People always say think out of the box.... with Misto.... there never was a box to begin with...

In the woods,there is a tree

Who appears to be as old as me.

He never moves, he's always still.

Even when the wipperwills, come and porch on his branches.

But they quickly fly away only to return.

I love Misto's writing.... it reminds me of mine when it was good.... before I started to suck.... BUT Misto will forever be a mystery. You can know who someone is and still not know THEM.... and Misto is that person.... but weather her words are harsh , beautiful, absurd, , they are always ART and ART is precious and should forever be saved.


My life has been so stagnated for so long with only this blog and facebook as my main means of interacting with the outside world that it lead to a stagnation here at home too.
Some people would think its weird but I sleep in my living room on the couch. There is a bed, and a pretty good sized room I could lay in at the other end of my 1981 single wide trailer. But I lay on the couch. WHY? You may ask....
Well I stay in my living room because everything important to me is in here. My computer, my TV, game systems and collection of games and random STUFF. All my journals, notebooks, poetry, everything is in here. PLUS in this hollow (A hollow, or holler, as we in Eastern Ky call it, is a road that follows a creek between two mountain ranges) ANYWAY in this holler there is a certain few people that are plain thieves.... I have caught them looking in my windows at 2 in the morning and chased them off my hill and told them i catch them on my hill I would kill them. Because nobody will scare my lil girl and mom and not pay. So I stayed in my living room to be able to hear or spot anyone trying to sneak around the property.

BUT THINGS GOTTA CHANGE... I am making this a home instead of just a place I sleep and work on my writing at. I am making that back room a game/relaxing room. The middle room will be a normal bedroom of course. It just needs the care bear paintings on the wall covered up lol.

I Have a full size table that I am going to set u in the back room just in case I can get a gaming group together. Unfortunately it will probably BYOC..... Bring Your Own Chair lol, because that's one thing I am lacking in.

ANYONE who would want to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Call of Cthulhu, or Magic The Gathering.... hit me up... I never get to play anymore...
Thanks for just reading my post basically about nothing.... BUT its a big change for me... especially when you have issues about CHANGE...
I think that's why I made this post... to get my fear out by talking about it... Change scares a lot of us. But sometimes its what you really need to grow as a person.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

With All the Ways We Have To Kill Each Other.... Why do Countries Sill Want "The Bomb"

The following post has graphic historic photos from World War 1. Please be warned.

Part 1 : The Beginning
Before the United State Civil War, man had not really had the capacity to take down the numbers of men that constitute a casualty count anything like that of modern war. The guns where primitive compared to today. Repeating rifles, Gatling Guns, portable cannon, even hand guns had moved on in the last 50-75 years from black powder, one shot, then a lengthy reload time, then you shot again and would be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn because many of the bores where not rifled.
But the Civil War was a war of seeing how horrible old tactics went up against new technology. Cavalry charges, or infantry charges where mowed down by entrenched men with the early wonder weapons of their day. It was a horrendous war , which produced massive casualties for the size of the battles, and those Generals which did not learn lost Regiment and Regiment to stupid , set piece battle moves which no longer applied in a trench war. This was the first modern entrenched war, while the movement that did happen made the horror to come in less than 100 years later during WW1 would really begin the research in killing men , soldiers, civilians, it didn't matter, they where the enemy. These weapons laid the ground work for the MADNESS of the cast of greedy, misguided, patriotic, cold, single minded , all the good, and the bad qualities of man are on display in this long tale.
The war that really makes the end of the old ways of war, and made it clear civilians where fare game, and while the "good guys" on both ides showed propaganda videos of themselves giving cigarettes, or chocolates from their kit, we , on both sides first started using video as propaganda during WW1, and as such a new technology, it made a major difference. I doubt countries would endure the hardships now that those countries, France, Germany, Russia, England to a slightly lesser extent, although their shipping lanes where ravaged, and even luxury liners which are so well no known no need be mentioned of them here sunk thanks to German sub attacks.
We developed the flame thrower, it was the first real use of the TRUE machine gun , the Maxim guns or the equivalent of each country could cover large swaths of no mans land and made charging nothing more than orders to die by the enemy. You may go over the top. EVEN SURVIVE NO MANS LAND! But then you would be in the enemy trench fighting hand to hand, killing the enemy weather he be English, German, French, or any of the other dozens of peoples involved.
WW1 taught us what the power of fire power could e, but it needed to be mobile. A war of trenches is a war of attrition and that means massive losses of life on both sides.
So there was only one thing to do. Find better ways to kill more of your enemy, break the line, and get the war moving again. So both sides set to work doing this.
It is true that the Germans used real life threatening Chlorine Gas first, while the french had used tear gs, but the battles of Ypres have went down in the history of war as the first men to see what poison gas attacks look like have become the stuff of legend. Never before had men fought smoke. Other men, gun to gun then trench club to trench club, but this, this was dirty pool.
That was the Englishes view of this horrible new weapon in its news papers. Although with a very short period they had their own poison gas division. And the poisons would simply get worse and worse, and their deliver systems more and more sophisticated.
The planes had ,mainly been held to a recon use, however many dog fights did happen as the plains guarded large blimps meant to drop bombs on London. The weapons where essentially ineffective and would be much ore advance during the Blitz 30 years late. But I truly believe that our obsession with finding a way to kill more people more efficiently started in WW1. With of all people a small bi-speckled scientist named Fritz Haber. A Jewish man who had converted to Christianity he devoted himself to the a war effort and finding these gasses and ways put them to use on the field.
His wife, also a scientist and the first female ever to receive a degree in chemistry fro the prestigious school she attended hates his use, and what she saw as perversion of science. To Fritz he was known to have said " In peace time science belongs to the people but in war to the state."
After many months and an accident that killed one of her good friend. She killed herself with a pistol shot to the chest. No longer able to live with what her heart told her was a perversion for science. This may have upset him but it did not stop his research and soon he had Phosgene and Mustard Gas wreaking mayhem on the field.
The guns got bigger.... the bodies and mud mixed together to be cooked in the horrid rain. It was a war were 100 thousand dead in one day in one battle was not an uncommon thing. We were getting better at killing in large numbers. But he war that his war lead to, will really show man start to get on his killing game.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

This Forest Needs To Be Clear Cut

A couple of years back I watched a documentary on Aokigahara Forest in Japan, widely known there as the Suicide Forest. It was only a little over 20 minutes long but it did leave you with a very heavy vibe. This is a forest where those who are so lonely, so depressed, so tired of the rat race that is Japan in the 21st Century, all go to contemplate and possibly commit suicide, or in many cases they simply go in knowing full well they going to go threw with it. Those who aren't sure often tie a ribbon , or a string, to a tree when they enter and in case they find some reason to live they will have a way out of the forest. Because this forest is BIG, dark, and very deep. Even going in for a hike one would either need a guide or stay on the designated trails and not go off in the untamed wilds at all.
This documentary was very powerful and I KNEW from the moment I saw it someone would make a horror movie about this. When I saw the previews for this movie, while knowing almost every movie based on something like this is just a cheap cash in, i felt like it had a chance with the right writer and director at the helm. Weeeeelll my hopes where certainly dashed all to hell and they weren't that high to begin with..... I never knew your hopes could be dashed below the bottom line, but its possible.... that's the movies one surprising thing in this whole films tools box.
OK the set up Sara is a twin, and she gets a call from Japan telling her that her sister has possibly committed suicide and is missing. Naturally she goes to Japan to find her sister because apparently twins have super powers and just KNOW when the other dies. Sara is adamant that she feels her sister and she is not dead, she must be lost in the Suicide Forest.
She meets a writer in the bar also interested the forest and who wants to do a story on her and the search for her sister. This writer Aiden, played by Taylor Kinney, is about as shallow as a puddle and only serves to add someone Sara's character can play off of as the Forest drives her crazy and makes her paranoid, finally convincing her that Aiden had something to do with Jess's death.
Cheap scares that fail to produce even the smallest of jumps or even a deep breath. There is one key point to the plot that is so insulting to the audience that I will only say this much about it.... they have Sara tell why Jess is depressed and has tried to commit suicide before. The story is told in a flashback that INTENDS to be a little of a mystery, because Sara never seen what Jess did and Jess never told her. When they show the rest of the flashback later in the movie, they must have truly thought the viewers had not figured out what happened.... Its confusing I KNOW but if you watch this abortion of a movie you will see what I mean. It insults the audience to use a twist so obvious from the very second you see the set up.
Anyway the biggest part of the movie happens in the forest after Aiden and Sara agree to spend the night in case Jess was lost, kinda stupid since people all over the forest have been in there with fires burning while they contemplate death and she hadn't been to any of them. Its really just a stupid premise, but it gets even more idiotic.
Sara sees a girl in Japanese school clothes and she eventually catches up with her, where upon the girl tells Sara not to trust Aiden. (Like we didn't see something like that coming) So from then on she is a bitch to Aiden in every single way, constantly accusing him of killing Jess etc. The plot is so simple from there I could write it on a business card ...
Forest drives Sara crazy, she tries and eventually kills Aiden, then she sees what really happened to her parents what Jess had seen and what Sara had thought was a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. The scene of her mother and father both dead in a murder suicide performed by her father. Which we already knew from the earlier story of Sara telling Aiden how her parents died in a car crash and Sara had seen it. In the scene she is running down stairs into a ROOM WITH CARPET... not a garage or a door that opens to the outside, its obviously the stairs that lead down to a basement wreck room. THEY EVEN MENTION AND PLAY TWO LOUD BOOMS THAT WHERE OBVIOUSLY SHOTGUN BLAST! But their twist is Sara learning this, and knowing why Jess has always been so depressed. I honestly checked out right there.... They have one good character in the entire movie, Yukiyashi Ozawa plays the Forest Director Michi who tries to speak common sense to Sara and who knows about the forest and how it can use a persons pain to cause them to go insane and do horrible things. There are many many little things that are never explained, the Japanese School girl, random scary old people, honestly the main characters have a back story that can be written on a napkin. I commend the actors for doing the best with what they where given, Taylor Kinney does his best to get threw the lines, and you can tell he is a competent actor and has a bright future. Natalie Dormer however.....ohhh god.... what can I say about her and her acting.... maybe horror just isn't her genre. I have seen that before, where actors who can play very well in drama, or comedy, just can't play in a horror film because they can not emote enough to portray fear, confusion, dismay, all the emotions that come with a good thriller. Her acting is just stiff and not once did I truly see her show the amount of fear and just plain terror that any normal person would in a forest full of fucking ghosts and even having halucinations which cause her to mutilate herself doesn't seam to effect her . I didn't know full frontal lobotomy patients where so easy to find now days but apparently they come in the form of a actress who's performance is so forgettable, and so plastic, I thought a talking barbie had been CGI installed threw half the movie.
Maybe it is not Natalie Dormers fault however because the script was certainly no masterpiece of dialogue. The writer, or shall I say writers, Ben Ketai, Sarah Cornwell, Nick Antosca, have used their talent to no doubt earn a quick buck and leave town before they notice how bad it really is..... Of course this could have been the case of one writer working a while, he/she gets canned, and another one comes in, and its always harder to finish another writers mystery. I am not sure of the process they used here.... If it was all three at once bouncing ideas off one another then MY GOD , someone should have shit canned all three and hired one of the boys from the mail room because he probably could have done better. IF .... and that's a big IF, its the other reason, a writer having to try and finish another writers work, then I can cut them a little slack. Its not like collaborative fiction where people work together, its being told here's 20 pages, finish the rest,and I can really feel sympathy for any writer in that situation.
BUT no matter who or how it was written, it still is one totally shit script. Its the type of script that if a big actor where signed on, they would have walked off the set first day and said "Fuck this I'd rather do a Fast and Furious sequel than this shit"
Unfortunately our cast here was not so influential. They struggle threw it, they try, but in the end, the movie is just a bomb..... not the bomb... a bomb.... as in it sucks, the effects are shitty, the story isn't even scary, its predictable, its a rip off of a 20 minute documentary that is way better than the 10 MILLION they spent on this turd.
The director Jason Zada, is the man who unleashed that horrible Elf Yourself app onto the world, and a far as I can see, his greatest contribution to society has been that Elf Yourself marketing campaign, then somehow that makes him eligible to take 10 million bucks, a actress from Game of Thrones, and what could have been a SUPERB supernatural thriller with a very real look at depression and the darkness that many of us carry in our hearts every day but fight to keep tings together for one reason or another.
I suffer from Manic Depression, dark mania at that, which means when I go manic I shit down, i don't want to talk or see anyone, i just felt like the idea of talking to anyone is almost panic attack inducing. With this kind of mania comes thoughts of suicide and I have thought about it very deeply. I have got my daughter however and I could never put her threw that. I will not be like my father was, I will always be here for my daughter, I may be having issues, but noting comes before her.
This movie could have really showed the pain of someone who is on tat edge, who feels like the world is caving in, the past, the present, and worst of all the future are all out of control, and the chances to stop this speeding train to suicide station are almost all gone...... Instead, its a standard ghost story, and not very good at that either. I tried to make this review as spoiler free as possible but some things had to be talked about to be understood in their review. In all honesty if you want to see a good film about The Suicide Forest of Japan, watch the Vice Documentary below. It is respectful, and true to the nature of Japanese culture, and their respect for the dead,its also haunting and hopeful at the same time. A combination hard to pull off.

TIME FOR THE SCORE! I give this film 3 stars out of a possible 10. And those three all go to the setting, and to the one actor who is partially believable, and who should have been a major part of the film but instead did his job as the token "Wise Japanese Dude" Yukiyahi Ozawa did a good job of really playing his character in a believable way, you KNOW he is right, you KNOW he has seen this forest swallow people up by the dozens, but like all the people who always try and warn the teens about to camp, the guy about to fish in the ocean, the man staying in the hotel for the winter, all the foreshadow men in the entire history of movies.... of course.... he is ignored. To me he was the one character I wanted to see more of, the rest was just filler and cheap jump scares. Stay far far away from this turd and watch the documentary below instead.

Thanks for reading this, the first of hopefully many movie reviews. Have you seen The Forest? leave a comment with what you think, was I wrong? To hard on the actors or the director..... i have to force my fingers to write director when your claim to fame is a fucking app that lets you put your face on a dancing elf.... WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY? Hell if that talent less ass can get 10 million to make that shit fest of a movie give me 5 and I will make something at least better than that!.... not five million 5 bucks lol Peace out my friends, and remember love one another, even if the other guy sucks! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

True Friend, True Fighter , True Hero


Tookies Story

We see scenes of destruction all day on TV. drone strike here, a bombing there. But what if the tragedy is purely by chance. What if this life changing accident just HAPPENED. And suddenly , you are Humpty Dumpty. BUT FUCK THAT NURSERY SCHOOL BULLHIT! YOU WILL REBUILD YOURSELF YOU WILL MAKE IT!

This is the story told in short chapters of the tragic accident that befell one of my best friends. A man I had known since I was old enough to, see he is a few years older than me and back then the older cooler kids where never me , at least when I was young. No I got to know Alvin "Tookie" Jent when the comic book, and toy shop I was working at suddenly had pool tables and a different crowd than the normal nerds. Good enough by then the owner had ran the place into the ground. Nerds who came to buy the latest issue of Super Man didn't quite mesh with the loud rowdy crowd in the back playing at the two tables. I realized slowly the dream of a comic book store where over. BUT a new adventure had begun.
We knew each other casually of course. Hell we live in the same holler and this was years before Anky took us building fence and getting paid in typical Anky fashion..... late and light...... But those are other days. Our days playing pool is where I really met Tookie.
Over the next few years Tookie, Me, and Anky where always going somewhere , weather its arrowhead hunting in the plowed fields, or go down to the Devils Backbone..... a place so magnificent..... I only wish i had my camera then. We worked for Anky's fencing company ..... if you could call it that. We were the people you called when you couldn't afford anyone else...
we fished, although the fights he had to get to go where more epic than any fish we ever caught. Tookie always went...... usually to a torrent of screams, but hey cat fish await.
But Tookie loved one thing that damn near killed him and has put him on a long road to recovery.They had said he would be about the level of a two year old and he was basically gonna be a vegetable.
What was that thrill that caused him part of his life...... Speed..... and yes we love it, everyone has a road they know and can drive it FAST, and especially at night when you can see if somethings coming you fly. I did it right where he did, I hit 60, in a 96 Cavalier 2.2 on Mill Creek in the middle if the night. But as Tookie hit the stretch of the holler, the place where everyone lays it down, he had to have been going close to 50 when what would happen but a totally suicidal deer jumped in front of him. Causing a major crash, A crash that will change the life of one man. A man of many personal passions, A man with a 14 month old son who I thought...................would never really know his father. Fucking the deer didn't have to worry about his cheating wife anymore, in all seriousness...... a freak accident has change one mans life into a struggle to become his own elf again. and Tookie is damn near dead.


But back to the straps, it seams that tookies life has turned into a life of straps. His head, his bed, his arm, because its been dislocating . The right side of his skull is gone about an inch deep as you can see in the pictures. LUCKILY it did not cause major damage to the parts of the brain that control your heart , breathing, memory , etc.

This is just the introduction to the Alvine "Tookie" Jent story. I am going to do a video soon and follow his life, and his plans for rehabilitation now that he is out. For someone they thought would be either a vegetable or reduced to a child like state, I am not jumping on the DR.'s for being wrong, with the brain, YOU NEVER KNOW....... a hit to the head can change peoples entire personalities. I'm not an atheist, I'm Agnostic, but if there is a "God" or whatever you want to call it, he took Tookie in his hands for those first few weeks and while he may have went threw hell, now theres nothing in life left to scare you really...... I thank whoever, what ever... YOU BIG THING THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE THERE!..... THANK YOU IF YOU ARE! Because you saved the life of one of the best people ,one of the most kind hearted and charitable people I have ever known.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

British Politics.... Best Reality SHow EVER!

Right Wings Getting Clipped, But Hey The Bird Can Still Walk , and Peck I Guess.

I am not a supporter of any Far Right group, I am in all forms a Liberal, a Socialist Democrat with some Indie leanings on certain issues. This group had their license taken away because they where stupid enough to not even pay a 25 Pound registration fee. That being said the British establishment has, and does try and silence any resistance to its views and policies, much like the American Gov. Voltaire said I might not agree with your views but I will fight tilll the death for your RIGHT to say them." (or something close to that lol) But ending on a serious note, I think the Far right are a bunch of Racist loonies who unfortunately also pull in the common folk because of their extreme NATIONALISM.... people WANT to believe their Country matters and has a stake in the world. Their right to run as a party was rightly taken down . :) (If you don't get that one you don't get this post anyway) But their right to express their views and vote for whoever believes as closely to those views as possible has not been infringed. Let them spout their bullshit eventually they will be like the KKK, a group that has a few followers but no real POWER , they can spout their crap. march all they want because the counter marchers are always twice the size, And as a just in case thought for here in America, if we do ever have a zombie attack at least we will have those gun toting rednecks cleaning up the mess like in Night of the Living Dead. ;)