Saturday, January 9, 2016

British Politics.... Best Reality SHow EVER!

Right Wings Getting Clipped, But Hey The Bird Can Still Walk , and Peck I Guess.

I am not a supporter of any Far Right group, I am in all forms a Liberal, a Socialist Democrat with some Indie leanings on certain issues. This group had their license taken away because they where stupid enough to not even pay a 25 Pound registration fee. That being said the British establishment has, and does try and silence any resistance to its views and policies, much like the American Gov. Voltaire said I might not agree with your views but I will fight tilll the death for your RIGHT to say them." (or something close to that lol) But ending on a serious note, I think the Far right are a bunch of Racist loonies who unfortunately also pull in the common folk because of their extreme NATIONALISM.... people WANT to believe their Country matters and has a stake in the world. Their right to run as a party was rightly taken down . :) (If you don't get that one you don't get this post anyway) But their right to express their views and vote for whoever believes as closely to those views as possible has not been infringed. Let them spout their bullshit eventually they will be like the KKK, a group that has a few followers but no real POWER , they can spout their crap. march all they want because the counter marchers are always twice the size, And as a just in case thought for here in America, if we do ever have a zombie attack at least we will have those gun toting rednecks cleaning up the mess like in Night of the Living Dead. ;)