Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shhhhh Valentines Day is Coming

     Yes I know I haven't been posting a poem a day like I said but all that is changing not only will I be posting a poem a day, I will also try and post a few extra for the days I missed. Or at least try. I probably won't lets just be honest but at least you get a new one right now and i will post more soon I promise.

    This is a new one written just tonight. 2/13/2013


nobody can know
just how much I love you
and long , so long, to hold you 

to watch you
in secret glances and stares
the graceful way you glide
it would life's not fair

it is silent
for the biggest of secrets
make no sound
the love between us
knows when to bow its head
and quietly process 
those words, unsaid

we share a battered soul
both chained in our own ways
I would give my life
to break those chains
to hold you for just one day

A whispered I Love You
nothing truer has been said
for eternity our souls are one
what a quiet Love we have.



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