Saturday, March 1, 2014

A TASTE of whats to come...... Welcome to Crazytown.

     Another video........ I know what your thinking, wow, that was a quick follow up. I PLAN (and we all know how WONDERFUL my plans usually work out) to post on a more frequent basis, and do a lot more videos. Just tell me what you want to talk about  and I'll talk about it. I would love friends to get together and talk and post videos of us just talking, debating, picking, fighting, laughing, or crying. The only thing that is a constant is I WANT TRUTH. I want people to see who we are when we let our guards down and really talk to one another, weather it be a spouse, close friend, family , whoever, the human condition is covered up way to much. So here's a look into the mind of a guy with "issues" a guy who gets UBER pissed because when people see you as crazy they automatically think your stupid. And the only thing I could ever be vain about is that I do not think I am stupid. Can I do calculus? Nope..... Could I sequence a genome? Nope.... BUT I can read, and I can process information and form an informed opinion on whatever the subject may be. We live in an area often stereotyped, and when your from this area, AND have "issues" , your basically FUCKED lol But yeah enjoy the madness..... I do.

     As always, like, hate, comment , I would love to hear your thoughts . I'm sure they will be quite interesting lol Please share with anyone you think is interested in these topics. I am working on a list of useful, good links about all these subjects with a real focus on trying to find FACTUAL information sources. Thanks ya'll.

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  1. i believe aliens are real,and i believe we are suppose to stay asleep like in they live.