Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Few NEW!! Poems

     These are lyrics, so bare that in mind when reading them. ALOT of what I write are lyrics, but what are songs but poetry with instruments in the background. I hope everyone enjoys these. Next chapter of DDL coming in a few days. 

Thinking Song
By Michael Wallen 2012

I try to think about anything
pac man, and diamond rings, 
circus freaks and goblin kings
just to keep that one thought away 
wonderin if you miss me....
wonderin if you miss me
when I think
It just kills me
Wondering if you miss me..

That book I read when I was 12
A dog that died, and made me cry
that time I busted my radiator
any random thought
in my head 
is better
Than wondering If you miss me
Hoping, you miss me

Do you think about me
when your left alone, 
do you miss talkin to me
for hours, on the phone
when you pick up a nos can
does your mind wonder to me
tell me do you miss me
before its kills me do you miss me.....

It's Not Just A River In Egypt

By Michael Wallen 2012

I'm living like I don't mind
that your gone and may never come back
I seam so hard on the out side
and you don't know I'm about to crack

Is it a matter of wills?
Really? Happy? With him?
if you are, how do I take it all back?
I had it all in my head, my hearts filling with dread
I'm holding on
but only
So long!

I'm living like I don't mind
That your gone, because I don't
I hope your happy to find
that I just had
Had to move on

It was a matter of time
learning to let our fate be
a lesson learned
a heart fixed
until the next time 
the very 
next time 


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