Saturday, June 2, 2012

How many people read this? Who are you? What do you think?

     I am just wondering how many people are reading my blog and who they are:) If you can please leave a comment with your name where your from, how you heard of this blog, and anything you want to say. If you hate my work, tell me, if you love, tell me even more! I know a few of you who really like it (Hi Jamie) and who are really trying to help me spread the word and get more readers and I thank you all so very much. Please help me out and tell anyone you think would enjoy a good zombie love story, or some poetry, about me and the site. I have so much I could post and the more people I get to read the more I will dig out edit and post.
     My goal in all of this is to both open up and not be so closed off from the rest of the world, but to also maybe get noticed a little, getting published in anything would be a dream come true. To do that, I have to get fans, so even if you don't like my writing, if you think you know someone who may, please help me out. I'm not above begging, not for this at least. I thank everyone again, for supporting me more than I ever thought anyone would with this. More coming soon I PROMISE!

Michael Wallen


  1. It's me! It's me! It's Earnest T! Haha
    Just showing your blog some love. It's awesome!

  2. Thanks Kari, your the first to comment ever :P LOL I am ohhh so popular aren't I? Everyone comments on FB, I am trying to get people to start conversating on here. Thanks and check back often I update at least once sometimes more a week.