Thursday, April 21, 2016


My life has been so stagnated for so long with only this blog and facebook as my main means of interacting with the outside world that it lead to a stagnation here at home too.
Some people would think its weird but I sleep in my living room on the couch. There is a bed, and a pretty good sized room I could lay in at the other end of my 1981 single wide trailer. But I lay on the couch. WHY? You may ask....
Well I stay in my living room because everything important to me is in here. My computer, my TV, game systems and collection of games and random STUFF. All my journals, notebooks, poetry, everything is in here. PLUS in this hollow (A hollow, or holler, as we in Eastern Ky call it, is a road that follows a creek between two mountain ranges) ANYWAY in this holler there is a certain few people that are plain thieves.... I have caught them looking in my windows at 2 in the morning and chased them off my hill and told them i catch them on my hill I would kill them. Because nobody will scare my lil girl and mom and not pay. So I stayed in my living room to be able to hear or spot anyone trying to sneak around the property.

BUT THINGS GOTTA CHANGE... I am making this a home instead of just a place I sleep and work on my writing at. I am making that back room a game/relaxing room. The middle room will be a normal bedroom of course. It just needs the care bear paintings on the wall covered up lol.

I Have a full size table that I am going to set u in the back room just in case I can get a gaming group together. Unfortunately it will probably BYOC..... Bring Your Own Chair lol, because that's one thing I am lacking in.

ANYONE who would want to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Call of Cthulhu, or Magic The Gathering.... hit me up... I never get to play anymore...
Thanks for just reading my post basically about nothing.... BUT its a big change for me... especially when you have issues about CHANGE...
I think that's why I made this post... to get my fear out by talking about it... Change scares a lot of us. But sometimes its what you really need to grow as a person.

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