Thursday, April 21, 2016

Words of Misto.... Words, Just words....

This post was sent to me by a rather mysterious friend of mine on Facebook . They didn't exactly ask me to post it as much as tell me to post it.... and I felt compelled to.... People always say think out of the box.... with Misto.... there never was a box to begin with...

In the woods,there is a tree

Who appears to be as old as me.

He never moves, he's always still.

Even when the wipperwills, come and porch on his branches.

But they quickly fly away only to return.

I love Misto's writing.... it reminds me of mine when it was good.... before I started to suck.... BUT Misto will forever be a mystery. You can know who someone is and still not know THEM.... and Misto is that person.... but weather her words are harsh , beautiful, absurd, , they are always ART and ART is precious and should forever be saved.

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