Tuesday, July 5, 2016


What those of us with our eyes open see in a Trump Campaign poster. IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY FOR TRUMP, YOU EITHER DO NOT KNOW POLITICS AND HOW SERIOUS THIS COULD BE AND IN THAT CASE JUST VOTE HILLARY AT LEAST DEMOCRATS ARE RUNNING ON DECRIMINALIZATION OF POT! THOSE OF YOU WHO SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE YOU AGREE WITH HIS VIEWS ARE BIGOTED, SEXIST, FASCIST, IGNORANT PEOPLE. When will you learn DIFFERENT DOESN'T mean better. And before you start going off on Obama and how bad a job YOU THINK he has done..... besides the drones, and the policing of the people like you would police in almost a riot situation, however the numbers speak for themselves. Scroll down my pain page and eventually you will see a Bush ?Obama with statistics and the crucial numbers that bush obviously thought where symbols of the devil , and ran away crying in Cheneys lap..... hmm looks like that guy you hate for his race has done pretty damn good.
But a good man in a job, that lasts 8 years at most, is only allowed so much power. Those lifers in the system are the ones who really are doing these things we all hate. The police with helmets that looked like they came from the German side in ww2, or the carriers that make us think of old Terminator movies, where the cops where never the friends of the people.....
Gone are the days of sitting on the porch, eating a piece of water melon, now we don't even have chairs on the porch, to much of a chance they will get stole. and what happens if you call the cops, because its a nice set of chairs you paid a good bit for when you got your check a week ago from ,we'll say , nursing school .The cop is writing and then suddenly " Ohhh whats that smell, " and a thief goes free while you go to jail because they smell pot you may have smoked hours ago, after a day of saving peoples lives. You never smoked before or during work, only in the evening, and not every day, just whenever the stress of the day felt so strong the tears in your eyes couldn't be held back because of the things a nurse sees EVERY DAY. So whats better weed, or months, possibly a year or two, of going on and off dozens of meds till they find the right combination to make you a zombie.
Each pill having its own horrific side effect, some dangerous to you, your loved ones, even your patients, and no chemist can tell me they know what is made of the chemicals once they combine to make new compounds in someones stomach......... Marijuana needs to and will be legalized, and slowly we can take this country back....... Despair ....System....Despair

Hey we all have to start somewhere and at least being a Democrat is a great start, you can work on being as off the wall liberal as me later.

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