Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And Now Something Completely Different

Donnie Loved His Cats
By Michael Wallen 2011

Donnie loved his kitty cats
by all accounts to much.
He slept with them, not quite that odd, but then he took them to his CHURCH!
The preacher who'd known Donnie long, 
just put up with the bunch.
Though when Donnie brought his litter box, 
the preacher said enough.

He took them on, the few dates he had.
Some women sneezed then ran.
Others lasted longer, but it always ended bad

At the market it was worse for him. 
Especially near the fish.
He never bought food for himself.
The cats always chose the dish.

Yes, Donnie loved his cats so much.
The only witnesses when he died. 
They must have loved their Donnie too.
Because they ate a Donnie pie.

Walking To The Snow
 By Michael Wallen 2008-2009

bleak ..bleak... winter
so grey and splintered
cold and lonely those thoughts they haunt me
every single year

all the losses
lives so wasted
their memories they pain me in the dead of the night
ashes..to ashes

I see a lever to the furnace
but I can't warm the cold
We are burning comets
Finite lives we lead

Someday in the cold
My friends I will all see

     I hope you enjoy these two they are just the first of many. If anyone else would like to post their stuff (writings, videos, whatever ) please contact me,

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