Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Poetry Fresh From My Pen to U

Did You Know What You Had
By Michael Wallen 5/22/12

So easy to cry, so easy to fall. 
Different am I than those from before.
See me! Please... see me. 
Hold my heart, take it and hide!
Its ripping apart as I scream!
In your hands, so soft, fragile, and strong
would you keep it forever?
Would you know what you had?
Ohh how I wish you could see how this feels.
No soul living or dead, could offer a love so pure.
Conceived in a heartbeat....
and grown when your near.
Is it really over? How ? How? HOW?!
Can you throw it away
and forget what you held?
I keep trying to give it back.
And I refuse to fail.

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