Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Bit About My Writing

     I want to say about the narrative Drop Dead Love, that it is meant to push boundaries. It is meant to show a dark side of what is right in  front of peoples eyes. It is meant to show that sometimes terribly flawed people, who are stricken by their own short comings and desires do have another side. I have never met a perfect person, sometimes its something small as little as liking to sneak a fart in a crowded elevator. My point is everyone has a hidden bad side, and some people just don't hide it as much.
     These are the type of people I am writing about. Weather threw circumstance or choice their lives have led them down a different path than what most would consider normal people. They live their lives on a different level of danger than your typical gas station attendant. While I DO USE VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE IN THIS STORY it is more than just a use of words to shock the reader. Things like this happen, people like these exist. In a lot of ways I have lived my life a lot like some of the characteristics I give my creations. But maybe threw my writings things will change a little for me. 
     I am going to post some of my poetry before the next chapter of DDL, I hope you enjoy a different side of what I am about. Thanks to anyone that does read what I post, PLEASE SHARE AND LIKE AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW AND SPREAD THE WORD!

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