Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Old Friend (NEW POEM)

An Old Friend

All day I've closed my eyes
because there
I can see you smile
Its like it fell in place last night
now that we bridged the miles
I never said goodbye
that would have been to hard
The night sky 
that is my life
you are its only star

How did it feel so right
that it was almost wrong
Your heart may belong to another
all I have is our songs

The years and miles meant nothing
for in your eyes I saw everything
if all I can be is your friend 
then I will be the best friend there's ever been
But I have to know one thing
when we were together 
for a moment
did it feel like it always could have
maybe even should have

I can close my eyes 
in my heart I still hear
you sing.

He may have your heart 
I'll always have our songs........

     I hope you guys like it. I know i haven't posted in awhile, I really haven't been that inspired as of late. But muses come in many forms and I think I may have found one. :) EXPECT MORE STUFF and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who reads, likes, comments, shares, etc. You guys are awesome. I may start posting songs (by myself and friends ) What would you guys think of that??? Leave comments.  

Until later, your faithful narrator ......OUT!

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